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Vlogging Essentials for the New Normal

Vlogging, or video blogging, has been a popular past time for every generation, boomers and millennials alike, during this difficult pandemic that created a new normal for everyone on the planet that seems like we are all living in a virtual reality directed by Mel Gibson.

With the emergence of certain influencers that are famous because of their video tutorials, jokes, and pranks. The dream to be the next YouTube sensation or create a new popular dance craze hit for TikTok has been an ongoing popularity contest all over the world.

But just like going into a war, you must be prepared with the right vlogging essentials, a few necessary gears to be the next Youtube sensation, or new craze hit at Tiktok.

Why you ask?

It is because viewers are brutal; Audio, not good? Dislike! Pixelated or low-quality video? Super dislike! So before you go into the enemy’s lair, let’s review essential equipment you will need:

Vlogging Essentials This 2020


The ultimate thing you’ll need is a camera but I assure you this is not a crazy-expensive camera you will need just to create a High-Quality Video. A lot of bloggers, nowadays, prefer to use their smartphones than a camera that often render better results. But let me give you a warning, this is only effective if you are for “talking head” videos meaning you are simply just sitting in front of the camera. Your viewers will notice it and appreciate higher-quality videos which hopefully keep them from being interested and watching it.

Now the question is, what camera should you purchase since you are not yet making money on the video just yet? You could choose an entry-level DSLR, mirrorless camera, action camera, and camcorder. Depending on your experience level as a vlogger and the kind of video you would like to shoot might be your criterion for choosing the right camera for you. It is difficult, for real since they are a variety of cameras to choose from. Luckily for you, we have here the two best cameras recommended for vlogging.

best camera for vloggers olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III Mirrorless Digital Camera

sony a6400 digital camera vlogging essentials

Sony A6400 Digital Camera

Camera Support

To create sensational videos, prank videos, or whatever video you can think of right now, your camera, ultimately need support. Support comes in many options as well, depending on the weight of your camera: for the lightweight camera – you could go for Benro T600EX Digital Tripood Kit– and for the heavier camera – Benro A550FBH1 Aluminium Universal Tripod Kit. Yes. Benro is our top pick for the best camera support for vloggers.

BENRO A2690T 1
Benro A550FBH1 Aluminium Universal Tripod Kit

Warning: This is only meant to be a stationary camera set up on a flat sturdy surface.

Another good camera support option if you are into shooting the movement or shooting in different angles for a single location, we recommend getting a flexible tripod like JOBY Gorilla Pod 3K Kit or a stabilizer like DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo Kitvthat will keep the scene unshaken even if you are moving all the time (stabilizer is usually best fit for smartphones and action cameras).  


Lighting Equipment

Lighting might be the most uncommon basic equipment for vlogging. You know why? Because most videos are done outdoors and they think that the light is enough to show the quality of the video. Also, for indoor shooting, some vloggers take it for granted since the room is so lit and the focus has been shown clearly in the video. But I still recommend, for consistency and professionalism of the shoots, you should use a Ring Light Kit. This kit provides you illumination that you need and provide better shots at your videos.

ring light for video bloggers
MOUNTDOG 18″ Ring Light Kit


Bad audio is definitely a thumbs-down for videos. Most viewers will still watch your video even though your shots are a little bit shaken or the shots have shadows on the scene, but they will not stick any much longer if your audio is bad. The most effective way to have good audio is by not using the built-in microphone on your gadget (smartphone/camera/computer). You have to buy an external audio. Simply because, there is still a distorted sound coming from the built-in microphone for compact cameras.

Shotgun Microphone

If you would like to shoot a video, wherein you are just a couple of feet away from the camera, a shotgun microphone will be highly sensitive to the direction you are pointing it and it would not pick up much of the noise from the sides or rear. The closer you get from the microphone from your camera, the better.

If you will shoot a few feet away from your camera, then you need a microphone off-camera and a boom stand that will hold the microphone in position.  You have to place the microphone above you, just off-screen for optimum audio quality. To further visualize, the use of a shotgun microphone, it is often used in shooting movies wherein a microphone has to be placed just above the actors for clearer audio quality.

Lavalier Microphone

This microphone is also termed as “clip-on microphone” wherein you position the microphone closer to the speaker’s mouth but this is the only ideal for the speaker that moves around and if you are only speaking in your room, not moving at all or moving around, then this lavalier microphone is a NO, NO.

USB Microphone

This is a microphone that is ideal to capture quality audio directly from your computer. A little bit of warning, if you go for a USB microphone, then you will need a program or software to record your audio from your microphone. 

Video Editing Software

With all the equipment in place: camera, lighting, and microphone ready, you will need software that will make your video ready for uploading already.

There are various video editing software that’s available online for free and you can even download it through your smartphone. You can edit and upload your videos anytime and anywhere even without using a computer.

We’re talking about software like the Apple Imovie or the Adobe Premiere Pro. But just like any program, your smartphone or computer should meet those program’s minimum requirements to enjoy its full potential on editing videos.

Final Thoughts About Vlogging

Vlogging is not at all complicated. That is why many people are into vlogging nowadays because just a great quality camera, basic setup for lights and tripod and an external microphone, your dream to be the next YouTube sensation is just around the corner.

But basic equipment like camera, lights, support, microphone, and the software will not guarantee your vlog’s success. You still need to diligently promote it online. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and launch your Youtube or Tiktok career now!

Good luck!