Most Popular YouTube Challenges for All of 2021

2021 Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Challenges for All

Most Popular YouTube Challenges for All 2021
YouTube challenges are overwhelming and incredible at the same time!

YouTube creators have posted fun challenges online, which makes it so appealingly fun to watch repeatedly. The most remarkable part of this challenge is that you and your friends can do it by posting it on YouTube to have fun and go viral!

We have come up with Ten Most Popular YouTube Challenges For All! Try to play some of these YouTube challengesbecause we guarantee it is meant for all,everyone who wants to play or be part of!

Top Ten Most Popular YouTube Challenges For All

Chubby Bunny Challenge

Top 1 – Most Popular YouTube Challenges For All
Chubby Bunny Challenge is the most popular YouTube Challenge for everyone because it is very simple, and everyone can participate and have fun on this challenge. The gameplay is you place a marshmallow in your mouth one at a time while trying to say “Chubby Bunny.” The thrilling part happens when you and your opponent take turns putting the marshmallow into your mouth until the person gets so many in that they can not say “Chubby Bunny” anymore.

The Whisper Challenge

Top 2 – YouTube Challenges For All
The Whisper Challenge aims to try and read someone’s lips and figure out what they are saying while heeding to loud music on your headphones. Take note that the music should be loud enough for the listener not to hear the other person’s voice. Remember, the goal is to figure out what the person is saying by reading their lips, making this the most popular YouTube challenge for everyone- funny and surprising. This contest is mainly for entertainment. That is why others forgot to track points.  

Tin Can Challenge

Top 3- YouTube Challenges For All
The test of Tin Can Challenge lies in the tin canned foods with all the labels pull off is set on the table. Then, players will take turns to open up one random tin cans on the table and take a big scoop of it and swallow it. The challenge here is if you can eat whatever it was you picked. Exciting and surprising most popular YouTube Challenge intended to be played by everyone.

Eat it or Wear It

Top 4 – YouTube Challenges For All
Eat It or Wear It Challenge is a deviation of the tin can challenge, making this the most popular YouTube Challenge 2021 much more complicated and messier. For this challenge to kick-off, you have to set up a bunch of random food and place it in a non-transparent bag to not see what you choose later. After that, lay the bags out so that you and your opponent can start picking one item at a time. Consequently, once you choose the bag, you must eat its content; otherwise, your opponent will pour its content on your head. The winner of this challenge is the less messy one. A messy popular YouTube challenge everyone would love to be a part of!

No Smiling or Laughing Challenge

Top 5 – YouTube Challenges For All
YouTube is the best platform to find the best video online that will make No Smiling or Laughing Challenge succeeds. You and your opponent will have to find 10 funny videos. The game starts when you both watch them simultaneously, but neither of you can smile nor laugh. The winner wins by having the most points at the end of the 10 videos without smiling or laughing. A hilarious most popular YouTube challenge for all that renders everybody with a smile or laughs simply by playing this game!

 Not My Hands Challenge

Top 6 – YouTube Challenges For All
Not My Hands Challenge essentially needs another person to stand behind you and move their arms around like yours. To keep this exhilarating, you should film yourself as you are applying make-up or eating as you are doing this challenge. As you can tell, this is the most popular YouTube challenge for everyone but take note it comes with a risk on the task you are planning to do with not your hands.

Bean Boozled Challenge

Top 7 – YouTube Challenges For All
Bean Boozled Challenge is a Russian roulette game for everyone that will test your taste buds with a mix of tasty and terrible flavors of a jellybean. You have to spin the wheel and see which color jellybean you get. Depending on your luck, you could eat a tasty candy or disgusting flavor you feel like throwing up. The winner is the one eating the least of the disgusting flavors jellybean. The most popular YouTube challenge for all based on luck and full of fun for everyone!

Speed Drawing

Top 8 – YouTube Challenges For All
Anyone can play Speed Drawing Challenge as it does not require much effort and time to set up. The game’s objective is for you and your opponent to draw pictures within a minute or two. It gets wacky and funny once the time is up, and you must show your speed drawing because there is only so much you can draw in a minute. The winner is one whose drawings are the best or who has the most points guessing the picture- the most popular YouTube challenge for 2021- the WACKIEST!

Guess the Song Challenge

Top 9 – YouTube Challenges For All

Guess the Song Challenge for the music lover that usually requires at least two persons. The game kick-offs by one playing a specific for 10 seconds only while the other must guess the song’s name for 10 seconds as well. If you fail to think of the name of the song, you lose this game. If your group of friends and family are music junkies and know many hit songs try this out! Guess the Song Challenge is the most popular YouTube challenge that keeps on rising the number of views by millions on YouTube and keeps everyone entertained from it!

100 Layers Challenge

Top 10 – YouTube Challenges For All

100 Layers Challenge is a simple game everyone can participate in it. But the blow of this game is surprisingly hard to accomplish as you are compelled to hurl on as many layers as convincingly possible. To ramp up the excitement on this challenge, you might want to set a time lime and film it to capture the weird faces and moves you do while struggling to pull together 100 garments.

Final Word

While many prevalent YouTube challenges and new ones keep on popping up, we decided to give a summing-up list of the best YouTube challenge for everyone, whether young or adult players.

What makes these challenges great is that you can bond with your friends and other YouTubers, and at the same time, you can turn these famous YouTube challenges into the next most viral video in the making for this year!


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