Ted’s Woodworking Review And In-Depth Look

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16,000 Woodworking Plans

Though I’m not an experienced Woodworker, I’m fairly smart and always had a wild hair to do a few woodworking projects with the kids.  After looking around the internet, it took no time to stumble upon Ted’s Woodworking package.

Teds Woodworking is marketed as a one-stop solution for all woodworking needs.  This package is advertised as having “The Largest Collection of 16,000 Woodworking Plans” which includes plans for everything from shelves to barns.   Some of the projects that personally caught my eye were the workbench and kids furniture.

This detailed review is going to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Teds Woodworking.

Key Features (as advertised):

1) 16,000+ Designs
2) Includes 150+ Videos
3) High-Quality Content
4) Instant Access
5) CAD Software
6) Guides To Woodworking
7) 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

With over 16,000+ woodworking designs and a variety of options, Teds Woodworking is as good as it gets in terms of quantity. There aren’t too many options with this many plans all in one place!  The sheer quantity of woodworking plans, in my opinion, is the biggest advantages of investing in this product.  I feel even some of the brightest minds in woodworking can learn a thing or two by reviewing these designs.

The beauty of this collection is also seen in the diversity of its content. There are so many different designs to work with such as chairs, benches, children’s houses, chicken coops, screens, barns, artwork displays, and that’s just the beginning. It’s absolutely breathtaking to go through each design and understand the potential of the product.

Woodworking can frighten people, especially beginners who have never had the opportunity to work on a wood-related DIY projects.  Many people shy away from these projects and hire someone to do the work but products such as Ted’s Woodworking can give you many of the pieces of the puzzle needed to complete these projects yourself.

Many, but not all of the guides are incredibly easy to follow, appear fairly safe, and an absolute joy to go through. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, I have little doubt you will won’t find value in this product.  It’s incredibly well designed and has so much content to offer that it will leave you in awe. Plus, they have accounted for everyone when it comes to the content.

5) Great Support

The customer service is often an underrated component of these products but shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, this is potentially a major plus point with Teds Woodworking because they advertise support.  I’m sending a test email this evening to see if and how long support takes to reply but I have little doubt I will eventually hear from them.

Many other products in this niche do the bare minimum and leave you to fend for yourself.   Instead, with Teds Woodworking I feel a bit more confident because the product has been out for years and has been a best seller on ClickBank nearly the entire time.  ClickBank offers a “60-day money back guarantee” so you never need to worry about your purchase.

A Few of My Concerns About Ted’s Woodworking:

Remember, Teds Woodworking is only one piece of the puzzle.  Just because you purchase this package doesn’t make you a carpenter.  You will need tools, time, and most importantly dedication to learn.   Your first projects are not going to always turn out as expected.  Keeping a positive attitude and enjoying this hobby can help you fine tune your skills.


While this package is supposed to include a wide array of plans, high-end content, and a plethora of resources for beginners to learn from I found some of the plans appear VERY complicated.   I sincerely believe an experienced woodworker would be able to follow all the plans I reviewed in this package.  I just want to make it clear that not all plans are created equal and some plans are definitely easier to follow than others.

9.2 Total Score
Ted's Woodworking Review - Final Thoughts

Teds Woodworking is the perfect balance of quality and modernization that's needed in the niche. It's a comprehensive collection of woodworking plans that have been built from the ground up for followers of all skill levels. Go through the guides and learn as much as possible on what woodworking entails. Whether you are building a new bench, chair, or table, you will learn a lot with the help of these guides. Teds Woodworking has hit a home run when it comes to the overall quality of its designs and how easy many of them are to follow. The price is amazing and something I can explain. Normally, to order plans for a shed, barn, or even dog house - you're going to pay an arm and leg. In Ted's Woodworking package, it's all included!

Price / Value
Quality of Product
Variety of Products
  • An impressive collection of designs
  • Projects for everyone (every skill level)
  • Many of the projects are very detailed
  • Beautiful visuals for easy learning
  • Still Must Be Willing To Learn - Plans are just plans.
  • Not all plans were created equal. Many included much more details than others.
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