The Best Miniature Jewelry Design for 2021

Top 9 Trending and Best Miniature Jewelry Designs for 2021

The pandemic significantly impacted consumer taste in jewelry, with a notable increase in miniature and minimalist styles- trending miniature jewelry designs. It looks like this crisis push people for a rational desire to have the things to offset the sense of uncertainty. Hence the miniature style trend continues to inspire jewelry designs and accounts for sales.

People find miniature jewelry designs for 2021 fascinating and appealing. They appreciate the scale-down intricacy – like dolls’ houses. And while miniature jewelry designs are on-trend, there is still something old-fashioned, timeless, and treasure-like about them. You can feel the preciousness in the tiny details.

Check out the top 9 trending miniature jewelry designs to add flair, fun, and vitality to your fashion style this year.

  1. Nature and its Surrounding

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for the best jewelry designs. As such, its motifs certainly will never fade over time. Jewelry designers seem to go for more classic nature-inspired motifs such as flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies. Exotic animals, birds, magical creatures like dragons also play a part in influencing this year’s trend.

Check out these top-selling miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun – depicts nature and its surroundings perfectly!

top 1 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Lovely Penguin Necklace  The Best Miniature Jewelry Design for 2021

The Lovely Penguin Necklace is a conversational starter. It pictures a miniature penguin rest on an icy steel bar on top of an impressive bluey nature agate stone- a dazzling handmade sterling silver jewelry piece suitable to wear on top of your casual dress.

Mountain and Cloud Symbol NecklaceThe Best Miniature Jewelry Design for 2021

The Mountain Cloud Symbol Necklace is a handmade sterling silver jewelry that pictures in sterling silver the clouds and the mountain’s peak and 18k gold plated for the other section of the mountain. This necklace is suited for all women of all age groups and best to accessorize your casual or go-to-work outfit. The Mountain Cloud Symbol Necklace is an excellent reminder of your dream and desire to be on top of the mountain filled with clouds.

  1. Story Telling and Magic 

These concepts are closely associated with different cultural heritages around the world. Fairy tales and ancient myths all evoke solid emotions and enchanting fantasies. Places that initiate storytelling play a significant influence on this trend.

Check out the most picked jewelry designs this year by Lotus Fun that tell stories magically!

top 2 : Trending Miniature jewelry designs this year

Night at the Eiffel Tower Pendant

eiffel tower 0006 Eiffel Tower LFJE0058 04

Nothing is as romantic as the ambiance of Paris at night by the Eiffel Tower pictures in Night at the Eiffel Tower Pendant. With its dangling cute little star and moon, you can now bring Paris anywhere with you.

Eiffel tower – An object of discord, desire, and fascination. It never fails to impress—the iconic landmark of Paris, the city of love. Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of love for many couples from all over the world. It is because of thousands of marriage proposals made under the beautiful tower every year.

Aladdin’s Lamp Necklace


Aladdin’s Lamp Necklace is a perfect gift for people of all ages, whether that’s the fairy-tale lover of young boys and girls or the grown-ups who needed to be reminded that they were once a wide-eyed boy that believes they can achieve the impossible. Because of its intricate design, this replica of Aladdin’s Lamp is almost like a real deal. It also comes in silver and gold.

With this smaller version of Aladdin’s lamp, people can transmit fairytale magic in their lives even without a genie.

  1. Ancient History 

Draw inspiration from art, mythology, and religion for past civilizations. Something is exciting and interesting in having a piece of history associated with charm and character. Mini jewelry is far by the best way to spice your jewelry choices by having pieces inspired by history.

Check out the most sensational jewelry designs this year by Lotus Fun that will warp you through history!

top 3 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower Earring

church 0003 1

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower Earring is inspired by the magnificent Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. In English means Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower. The cathedral is the main church of Florence, Italy.

The cathedral took approximately one hundred and forty years to build! Construction initially started on September 8, 1296, and the cathedral was not consecrated until March 25, 1436.

Elegant Ballerina Pendant


The Elegant Ballerina Pendant is one of the most creative pieces yet from our artisans. Stunning, adorable, and simply elegant, the ballerina pendant is irresistible to any lady. The skirt is handcrafted out of a natural freshwater pearl, while her hair, top, and shoes are hand-colored with 18k gold.

  1. Astrology and astronomy 

These concepts significantly dictate the star and moon motifs on this trend as lunar and stellar designs and far-away galaxies established these trends.

Check out the most sciency and geeky miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun that will picture the vast beautiful galaxy for you!

top 4 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Moonlight Pendant

Moonlight Pendant 0008 1200 04

The Moonlight Pendant is inspired by the moon and stars sparkling in the open sky as you unwind yourself by the beach. The moon is crafted out of natural seashells and polished to resemble an iridescent moon.

18K gold plates parts of the Moonlight Pendant providing it a delightful texture to the color design. A wonderful Pendant for any nature-loving girl.

Solar System Pendant

Solarsystem 0007 LFJE0181 Creative Solar System Pendant 1200 02

The Solar System Pendant, which comes in silver and gold, is thoughtfully made to mimic a mini-solar system with the sun and two planets. And Lapis Lazuli’s various colors give it an added charm.

It will undoubtedly suit your goal-driven self and friends and is right up the alley of your geeky, science-lover pals.

  1. Sculptural art and pieces

These pieces appealed to an increasing number of powerful and bold women worldwide. For example, clover is a sculpted piece that resonates with good fortune and an emblem for luck across many cultures.

Check out the most artistic miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun picturing a masterpiece that is perfect for you!

top 5 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Poetic Clover Earring

poetic clover8

The four-leafed clovers have always been considered good luck, each leaf representing Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck. We made an everlasting pair of clovers out of Sterling silver and brushed finish it giving, the Poetic Clover Earring a vintage look so you can bring the 4 with you everywhere you’d go.

Pearl Clover Earring


Pearl Clover Earring are studs made from 925 Sterling Silver, meticulously crafted and plated to form the elegant petals of golden clover earrings. It finishes with natural freshwater pearls placed as centerpieces and the stigma of the lucky clovers.

  1. Multi-functional Objects 

These objects are created into one-of-a-kind pieces such as safety pins and sewing accessories. These jewelry designs empower women in all their pursuits or showcase women’s empowerment as an essential item linked with women.

Check out the most creative miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun mimicking the ordinary things around us to be extraordinary!

top 6 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Needle Earring


The Needle Earring shows the creativity and artistic personality of every woman wearing it. It also shows the creative craftmanship of our artisans by crafting a needle made of authentic sterling silver. These earrings are unique and handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces designed out of every woman’s most accustomed sewing material on the planet.

Red Rose on a Safety Pin Earring

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Having the safety pin and a rose as the primary element for the creation of Red Rose on a Safety Pin Earring shows how artistic and creative our artisans are.  The design is so intricate that it suits all fashionable ladies out there.

A stunning piece of sterling jewelry that will show your creative and artistic personality as a lady. On the other hand, a safety pin has been one thing a lady would love to have for fashion emergencies such as lost buttons.

  1. “Wearable art” 

These designs encompass the contemporary style of the modern woman today. These are the everyday things we commonly see around us that we automatically linked with women. It shows the significance and elegance of the item by crafting it into a timeless masterpiece- a piece of miniature jewelry.

Check out the most innovative miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun showcasing typical objects as “state-of-the-art” you could wear from all appearances every day.

top 7 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Teapot Ring


Believe it or not, this charming little Teapot Ring is handcrafted out of natural amber. Sterling silver sets on the amber, forming its handle, teapot cover, and spout. Pair up with its own tiny miniature teacup, this a standout collector’s item.

Hand-carved on the tea tray is exquisite vines patterns, giving this precious piece a vintage allure. Definitely, a delightful nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry piece that will lighten up your look.

Aventurine Vase Earring

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The Aventurine Vase Earring is a miniature set of jewelry that shows an exquisite and unique design for a pair of sterling silver earrings. This earring depicts sterling silver zigzag lines on the end of that line as an aventurine vase. The Aventurine Vase Earring brings out your creative and artistic personality.

The Aventurine stone is considered the luckiest crystal of all. Hence wearing Aventurine sterling silver jewelry will boost your chance in any situation, such as your first date or if you plan for landing a promotion. A must-have handmade sterling silver jewelry piece that best suits your office attires or casual dresses.

  1. Tiny replicas of seasonal designs 

These seasonal miniatures mark and celebrate our famous holidays. These motifs conceptualized holidays and brand the miniature jewelry to be more fun, clever, and whimsical to wear.

Check out the most seasonal miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun that will bring you to celebrate every day.

top 8 : Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Christmas Reindeer Series

Add a heading 1

The cutest Christmas series gift you could ever have includes the following nature-inspired sterling silver jewelry pieces:

Christmas Reindeer Earring

Christmas Reindeer Pendant

Christmas Reindeer Ring

Each of them is a handmade sterling silver jewelry piece that comes in two different colors of natural Tourmaline stone. Handmade with love by our creative artisans to showcase the perfect Christmas gift as it is, Santa approved!

  1. Eye miniature 

People wear eye miniatures as part of sentimental jewelry to emphasize friendships or alliances and ease the feeling of loneliness brought about by a long-distance love affair.

Check out the most transcendent miniature jewelry designs by Lotus Fun projecting the beauty of miniature at all times!

Top 9 – Trending Miniature Jewelry Designs

Golden Eyelash Brooch

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Wish granted- with Golden Eyelash Brooch. A piece of jewelry that reminds us that we could wish whatever our heart desires—a simple token of hope for every wishful and hopeful lady out there.

This jewelry handcrafted with love, with sterling silver, 18k Gold plated eyelashes with Labradorite in the middle. It definitely shows a unique intricate design that every lady out there would love to have—an ideal gift for your colleagues and friends to honor your beautiful friendship through the years.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason why miniature jewelry is popular right now. One of the biggest reasons we believed caused the rise of miniature jewelry in 2021 is that miniature jewelry matches any outfit. Whether you are in your sweatsuit or casual uniform for work, you can count that miniature jewelry as your go-to accessory. It is large enough to stand out but small enough not to get in the way of your preferred clothing wear.

Something is alluring about its simplicity, yet it still brings out equally satisfying greatness. This miniature jewelry can make a bold statement without even being bold itself. You will be surprised how much a small piece of jewelry can make such a striking impact on your overall appearance.

Jewelry allows you to express yourself in so many ways possible. Some of us wanted to convey meaningful messages represented by a piece of jewelry. It does not matter how big or small it is physically.

Wearing a piece of miniature jewelry conveyed a special meaning because it can tell your story. Do you love to wear one of these meaningful miniature jewelry pieces? Are you excited to tell your story by wearing a glamorous piece of miniature jewelry? Check out our miniature collection comprised of handmade sterling silver jewelry pieces at our online store, Lotus Fun, and find the perfect piece suitable for your personality and preference. You can find a fit miniature jewelry in sterling silver that could be meaningful for you or someone close to you. Simply by wearing it, it can tell your story. Happy shopping!