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Golf Lessons with Power Golf

golf lessonsEveryone knows that in order to excel in any kind of sport, one must always be in the optimal physical shape.  One can take golf lessons or choose a better alternative as it requires dexterity, mental agility and flexibility.

Golf, contrary to many misconceptions, requires its players to be at their physical peak.  Only then will you be able to crank out those superior swings one after the other.  This is also why most people choose to take golf lessons which is not always the best choice.

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you have got to check out The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide.  It is jam packed with everything you need to boost your physical prowess to ultimately make you a better, if not one of the best, player.

Better than the traditional golf lessons, the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide was conceptualized and developed in the span of 9 years by Mike Pedersen, a golf fitness expert.  Simply put, Mike knows what he’s talking about.

He has put every principle, every exercise to the test until they all deliver the results that they guarantee.

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One other amazing result of using the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is that it will work for any age group, any skill group and every body type.  In fact, one of his first and oldest readers, Elwyn Roddick from the UK is 71 years old and has a shoulder problem has this to say, “Your golf fitness program has worked wonderfully for my golf.

My shoulder problem, which was horrendous, has now virtually cleared, all thanks to you and your golf exercises. I have now managed to win one of our major club competitions and considering the opposition, it was no mean feat!! I would recommend your program to any one of any age as at 71 years, I find it has been a wonderful revelation, and feel 10 years younger. Once, again many thanks.”

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on personal trainers and comprehensive exercise machines, you can just purchase a copy of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, follow the very simple exercises and activities which are specifically geared towards particular problem areas and your problems are solved.

It’s that easy, it’s that simple.  And since it’s an e-book, you can practically take it with you anywhere.  No need to lug around like you would a bulky book.  You can just store it to a removable drive, insert it to any port and voila, instant fitness guide!

This e-book not only has exercises and activities, it also has very useful tips and techniques that will definitely take your golf game to the next level.  It also includes a 3-minute warm up routine that will surely prime you to perform a better game.

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The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is definitely a must have for any serious golfer.  The techniques have been tried and tested by many readers and the amazing results truly do speak for themselves.

In fact, some golf experts even attest to the effectiveness of this e-book.  Master Mental Game Coach, Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D., also a noted author of many great golf books has this to say, “Mike, I think you have a best-seller on your hands! The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is a great addition to any golfer’s library who wants to improve his or her game.

I loved the fitness self-test and the ideas to help golfers stay committed to an exercise program, which is always a challenge for golfers. Great job! I will be sure to send my students to get a copy of the book.”

With countless of testimonials and a great number of satisfied readers, there’s no other reason not to get yourself your own copy of this amazing e-book.

Read up, do the exercises and in just a short time, you can see just how great your golf game has become.