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Crazy Tattoo Designs Review

Reviewed by:  Jade Thompson
Product Reviewed:  Crazy Tattoo Designs
Rating:  4-star rating

temporary tribal tattoosEver thought of getting temporary tribal tattoos? Have you ever tried searching for designs on the net, but nothing seems to tickle your fancy?

If you’re on the lookout for a place that has the largest number of tattoo designs available, you should sign up for Crazy Tattoo Designs.

Crazy Tattoo Designs offers a vast, growing number of temporary tribal tattoo designs. They also offer a massive collection of tattoo stencils as well.  With such a large collection of temporary tribal tattoo designs on hand, it’s likely that you’ll find at least ONE pattern that will suit you.

Crazy Tattoo Designs is a colossal repository of patterns and the brainchild of Jerry Martin, a tattoo enthusiast based in Canada.  He’s so confident of the diversity of his designs that he asserts that if they don’t have it, then no else does!  In fact, his collection of temporary tribal tattoos has been verified by no less than the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest collection of commercially designed tattoos.

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Crafted by different artists, the downloadable package contains tens of thousands of tattoo designs composed of 84 categories which are accordingly compressed into the same number of zip files.  It’s important to note however that you need to take the time to browse through the different designs as there is no search function included.  As an alternative, you can opt to download the Insane Tattoo Collection which is a smaller collection of designs and is available at 30% of the price of the original package.

There is simply an immense amount of designs included in the set.  You have the standard patterns such as butterflies, angels, devils, flowers, Celtic designs, scorpions, dragons and hearts.  Aside from these, you’ll also get different variants of a given design.  For instance, if you’re into monotone tribal tattoos, there is an entire category entirely devoted to that specific theme.

The package even includes a background story behind each design and how it came about.  The product also features a software called the Tribal Tattoo Designer tool which allows you to import a design and customize it to your heart’s content.  The end result is a highly personalized design that will accurately represent who you are.  Once you’ve published your design using any conventional printer, all you need to do is head on over to your favorite tattoo parlor and get it done.  Simple as that!  It won’t be long until you finally have that beautiful work of art on your body for others to admire.

Crazy Tattoo Designs not only provides patterns but also offers users several e-books which contain useful information about designs and tattoos in general.  Some of the books included are “Getting Inked”, “Got Ink”, “Chinese Names”, “Tattoo Selection”, “Care Guide”, and “Tattoos Unlimited”.

While there are free tattoo sites floating around the web, the nominal fee for signing up with Crazy Tattoo Designs is a big assurance that you’re getting ONLY the best designs around.  The minimal cost is a very small price to pay for the wealth of awesome designs that are just waiting to browsed by you.  The package features a total of two CDs’ worth of designs and more.  Besides, you’re engraving a permanent mark on your skin so it’s only common sense to invest in a service that will ensure the quality of what you’re getting.

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