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Learn How to Speak Chinese

Reviewed by:  Jade Thompson
Product Reviewed:  Rocket Chinese by Lin Ping
Rating:  5-star rating

learn how to speak ChineseLooking for a way to learn how to speak Chinese?  Rocket Chinese is the best and most comprehensive product in the market that will enable you to learn Chinese easily.  The Rocket Chinese course is where you can dare yourself to go further with learning the language by practicing reading, writing, and speaking it everyday.

There are five components that comprise the course. The first one will teach you how to speak Chinese naturally. This part has 31 interactive audio lessons, each lasting 25 minutes.   You can start by studying the basic Chinese expressions you can use everyday until you can actually learn how to converse using Chinese.

The second component is the grammar and culture lessons.   In this part, you will understand more about the Chinese culture.  Grammar and sentence construction will be discussed.  It will also tackle on Chinese calligraphy.  In this part, you will find out that Chinese grammar and culture are interestingly intertwined.

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Component number three is vocabulary or simply MegaVocab software game.  In this part, you’ll be able to vastly improve your vocabulary while having fun through the mem0ry-recall game.  Use the Pin Yin and discover the norm of using letters to embody the sounds of Mandarin Chinese words and letters.   The MegaVocab will also enable you to play using the characters in old Chinese calligraphy.

learn how to speak ChineseThe fourth component involves understanding spoken Chinese via the MegaAudio software.  Exercise your ear so you can easily understand spoken Chinese in just a few weeks.  Moreover, the Mega Audio software will help you improve your diction and intonation so you can sound better when speaking Chinese.

Lastly, Rocket Chinese offers a forum for learners.  This part was made to support you as you go through the comprehensive course.  Int he forums, you can discuss with a fellow Chinese language  student, post a message, send an email to the publisher and support people who can assist you in learning the Chinese language. These services are all available, 24/7.

If you want to try Rocket Chinese, you can simply sign up for a 6-day course for free.   Remember that Rocket Chinese offers a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days should you wish to refund.

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