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Bead Art

Reviewer: Jade Thompson
Product Reviewed:   The Complete Bead Guide
Rating: 5-star rating

Bead ArtIf you love beads and want to know more about bead art and beading then the Complete Bead Guide is for you.

The Complete Bead Guide is a comprehensive material that contains everything about bead art. More than just bead work, it will teach you how to choose beads as well as the different types of beads that has healing and protective properties.

This one-of-a-kind bead art book will tell you where to see the best beading trade shows as well as how to easily pinpoint the different types of beads.

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Moreover, the Complete Bead Guide also contains information about the different materials you need for creating knots. It will exactly tell you which needles are necessary for specific types of beadwork.

With the Complete Bead Guide, you’ll find step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions on everything and anything about beads including using beads in knitting and crocheting. It will also discuss the different techniques on beading stitches as well as maintaining the quality of your beads.

Here’s a list of ultimate bonus books that you’ll get with your Complete Bead Guide purchase:

Advanced Beading Techniques – This bonus material contains the following:
*Bead Embroidery
*Applique Bead Work
*Seed Bead Needle Weaving
*Bead Art

Easy Beading Graphs – This bonus material contains graphs that will help you create the following bead projects:
* 2 Drop 1 Drop Brick Graph
* 2 Drop 1 Drop Peyote Graph
* 2 Drop Brick Stitch Graph
* 2 Drop Peyote Graph
* 3 Bead Flat Netting Graph
* 3 Bead Right Angle Weave Graph
* 3 Drop Peyote Graph
* 40 x 50 Brick Stitch Graph
* Embellished Right Angle Weave Graph
* Fringed Brick Graph
* Herringbone Graph Paper (Bugles)
* Herringbone Graph
* Herringbone Graph (Small Beads)
* Ladder’s Graph
* Peyote Graph (Small Beads)
* Right Angle Weave Graph
* Square/Loom Graph
* Triangle Weave with Bicone Graph

All in all, the Complete Bead Guide is the only bead book you’ll ever need. Whether it’s for hobby or business, you can now be the best in beadwork! Take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee and get the Complete Bead Guide now.

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