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How to Draw Manga Books

Reviewer: Jade Thompson
Product Reviewed:   Mad About Manga
Rating: 5-star rating

How to Draw Manga BooksIf you’re having problems making your manga artwork look exactly the way you want it, then Mad About Manga is the answer!  It is the best among all of the How to Draw Manga Books in the market.

Mad About Manga is the most comprehensive guide to creating true-to-life manga characters. It offers techniques on drawing facial expressions, eyes, hands, clothes, hair, and even body movements.

Manga is a famous art from Japan that interests lots of people around the world. I’ve tried different How to Draw Manga books and Mad About Manga is the one and only book that impressed me the most.

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Here’s a summary of the things you’ll learn from Mad About Manga:

• How to draw 3D manga
• How to use speech bubbles
• How to draw Manga eyes, hands, hair, heads and ears
• How to draw Manga characters in various positions
• How to draw male and female Manga
• How to draw weapons for your Manga characters
• How to create a Manga strip
• How to make your Manga character express different emotions
• Manga shading techniques
• How to develop Manga stories

I highly recommend this product because I learned how to draw not just manga characters but amazingly stunning artworks as well. The step-by-step process and techniques outlined in this how to draw manga book helped me build a stronger foundation in creating incredible manga characters.

Of course, everyone will agree that Manga is a delicate art in the sense that every stroke affects the overall outcome of your character. However, Mad About Manga presents a breakdown of strokes that are generally easy to follow.

It presents the exact dimensions required to draw a balanced face. So if you are having problems in your manga character’s expression, then you’ll benefit a lot from Mad About Manga as it will equip you with everything necessary to help show your manga character’s personality.

It doesn’t matter if you want to draw a male or female character. The Mad About Manga book will teach you the crucial elements that play a big role in creating characters, regardless of the gender. It will also show you how to draw specific hairstyles and weapons.

If you want to make a full-blown cartoon, Mad About Manga is the best guide that will arm you with the essential rules in creating arresting and attention-grabbing stories. Take advantage of the dialogue checklist contained in the Mad About Manga as well as the rules for connecting with readers and the components of comic humor.

As a bonus, you’ll also get the How to Draw Chibi Characters book together with your Mad About Manga purchase. Best of all, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

How to Draw Manga Books