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Barbecue Recipes

Reviewed by:  Jade Thompson
Rating: 5-star rating

barbecue recipesIf you’re tired of coming across the same old barbecue recipes, then it’s time to check out “Competition BBQ Secrets”.  Written by the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team, they’ve put together a killer guide on how to create your very own feast at home.

Whether you’re a competitive cook or a barbeque enthusiast, this book is jam-packed with expert advice on how to prepare the perfect grilled dish to satisfy even the biggest appetites.  It is the best barbecue recipes book in the market!

What’s great about Competition BBQ Secrets is the hassle-free process of ordering the book.  You can immediately obtain a downloaded copy by simply clicking on the icon found in the ad.

The ordering procedure is quick and seamless and it’s only a matter of minutes until you have your very own copy of this ultimate guide to barbecued goodness.

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This 62-page book is filled with helpful tips and strategies to create the perfect barbecue.  Competition BBQ secrets is a cut above the rest of the other  barbecue recipe books out there because it has sections dedicated to different types of smokers and cookers, as well as other relevant topics like smoking wood, charcoal fire management, and charcoal and wood fire management.

This information-packed barbecue recipe book also talks about treating various kinds of meat such as chicken, turkey, brisket and pork (butts, ribs and shoulders).  There’s also a great deal of text that covers the best kind of marinates, rubs and sauces you can use.

Try one of their specially-formulated mixtures, and you’ll swear that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever had.  You’ll also learn about trimming slabs from pork spareribs as well as other important techniques.

barbecue recipes

If that’s not enough, Competition BBQ Secrets goes even further by throwing in a very informative glossary of barbecue terminology to give readers a thorough understanding of the barbecuing process.  For those who are seriously thinking about joining a competition, this book also has information on getting your grilling prowess up to a professional level.

One such section has loads of plating suggestions that will help you win the judges over.  To top it off, “Competition BBQ Secrets” includes a photo gallery of barbecued dishes which will not only whet your appetite, but inspire you to grill your own culinary masterpieces as well.

All in all, this awesome e-book is a very good investment that any budding barbecue chef needs to have in his/her arsenal.  Ordering online is risk-free and totally secure.  Just drop by Chatham Artillery’s official website and click on the book’s icon to place your order.  Pretty soon, you’ll be well on your way to whipping up those perfectly grilled creations that will blow away your family, neighbors and the judges!

Amateurs and professionals alike will greatly benefit from “Competition BBQ Secrets”.  If this book doesn’t improve your grilling skills as much as you’d hoped, the money-back guarantee is proof of the author’s confidence that their book is going to help you become the best barbecue chef possible.

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