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Chicken Coops

Reviewed by:  Jade Thompson
Rating: 5-star rating

chicken coopsBack in the day, it seemed like planning and building your own chicken coops required a degree in Agriculture.  With the help of Bill Keene’s “Building a Chicken Coop” however, conceptualizing and putting together your own chicken coop isn’t such an intimidating task after all.

Building chicken coops in your backyard is a very worthwhile investment to make.  Not only will you have a miniature farm that produces fresh eggs every day, you’ll also recycle your food scraps and provide high-quality fertilizer.

For starters, Bill Keene’s Building a Chicken Coop will educate you on the 6 fundamental aspects to consider before building your own coop.  You’ll learn about picking the right breed of chicken that will best suit your particular climate as well as your space and egg production requirements.

You’ll also find out how you can easily extend your coop into a free-range style enclosure.

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The good thing about this book is that it talks about the basic tools you’ll need (like a handshake, hammer, drill, etc.) to help build your chicken coops quickly and efficiently.

The good news is that you don’t need a fancy set of equipment to get this done, and the book has conviently added cross-section diagrams which give you a clear idea on the exact dimensions and materials required.  You can also browse through some very useful tips on setting up your building site in the fastest time possible.

The other benefit of Building a Chicken Coop is learning how to build a self-enclosed, mid-sized chicken coop which will cost you only a fraction of what you’d pay to buy a new one.  On average, you’ll be able to save around 50% by following the process outlined in the book.

Here’s another great feature: the book will teach you how to build a large (but low-maintenance) premium coop that’s easy to clean, automatically collects eggs and can accommodate more chickens.  There’s also valuable information on putting together a portable chicken coop that’s easy to maintain and provides nutritious fertilizer for your garden.

chicken coops

Bill Keene’s Building a Chicken Coop has great advice on easily breeding chicken yourself and how to care for chicks in order to have a self-sustaining flock.  There’s even a section about protecting your coop from external threats such as predators like foxes, coyotes, cats and hawks.

Not only that, you’ll find out about caring for your chickens when they get sick and how to cure their most common health problems.

On top of all that, you’ll also get a whopping total of four additional books which has must-know information on the other aspects of chicken coop maintenance.  One of these books offers a comparison of the different building materials available (in terms of price and durability) so you can make the most cost-efficient choices when setting up your chicken coop.

The other books cover topics like building nesting boxes from common materials (such as everyday food packing usually thrown away), using different floor structures to control ventilation, and the best position to avoid flooding and accumulated moisture.

In conclusion, Bill Keene’s Building a Chicken Coop is a structured in a way that makes it quick and simple  for anybody who wants to create their own bustling fowl colony.  This 70-page book is a straightforward guide on everything you need to know about building and keeping your chicken coop in good working order.

If you’ve dreamed of putting up the perfect shelter that will meet all your chickens’ needs, look no further than this excellent book.

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